Online News is Overtaking Print Newspaper in the Recent Times

The consumption of digital news content in India has grown enormously in recent years. With more and more news websites coming up and readers using smartphone, there is a push in readership in a staggering number. India alone is the world’s third largest internet usage country and has witnessed more than 460 million users. However, readers still prefer print news reading method over online reading.

Smartphone users using news apps have found it easier to get the latest news in India, offering instant result, compared to print news for which the reader has to wait until the next day. Moreover, every newspaper in India has its mobile version and the web-based site that regularly updates about breaking news in India and abroad.


Fundamentals and Increasing Literacy Rate:

There are three fundamentals that separate Indian newspaper business from online sites. These fundamentals are- Literacy Rates and Unorthodox Business Model and Technological Inaccessibility. Literacy, one of the major concerns, is in the development process. Moreover, a significant chunk of Indian areas still prefers regional language newspapers. In recent years, there is a steady literacy growth at 73% which is a good thing in all terms. When it comes to fundamentals, there has been a significant improvement with more and more investment taking place. Among all the fundamentals, technology has played a major role in boosting online news websites.

The increase in Online News Website Visitors:

Presently, India is the second largest smartphone users, allowing readers to read the news right from the device. With more and more smartphone users, there has been an increase in online news readers. Total unique visitors to Indian news websites in recent time is more than 50 million and is in constant growth. Users throughout the day are updated with the latest news India and breaking stories, which increases the traffic on websites. Moreover, news sites that cover a wider segment of news including foreign updates have been receiving sizeable traffic from abroad.


No matter how advanced or readers friendly these news websites are, the print newspaper will still thrive in India for a longer period. Except for reading the breaking news India and feature articles, online sites still lack the magic of print newspaper.


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